Comittment: Pathway to Adventure

 04 June
 Ambridge Event Center
 1333 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd - 97232 - Portland - United States
 Duane Smelser
Now that's radical or crazy! If you're like me, you think of yourself as a committed person, living from your commitments. Yet, when we look and tell the truth, commitments very quickly devolve into obligation, burden, and entrapment. We don't want to be "Over committed" right? We've got to be "careful". If you're like me, you see yourself having "an issue with commitment" - a fear of commitment because some commitments didn't go well in the past. You may believe you're just not the committing type. BUT, what if I told you that you are, and always have been very committed? And, what you've been committed to has simply been hidden from your view, - And not at all what you thought you've been committed to? What if there's a whole NEW context and experience of commitment to be discovered that will completely transform you, your life and what's possible? What would you create and take on in your life, if you discovered Commitment was your access to Aliveness, Fulfillment and Everything you've ever wanted, but has been alluding you? Come discover with me. It will be an awesome journey! Call for details 503-866-5502

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