Come live in our house

 31 May
 North Melbourne, Australia
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 Elizabeth Flux
Do you need a place to live? Have you ever walked through North Melbourne and wondered what that shop-looking building covered in words is? Then perhaps you should take that combination of things as a literal sign that you should come live in our house. Our house, despite external appearance, isn’t a shop that sells signs, but is in fact a glorious sharehouse filled with normal things like “kitchen”, “room you sleep in”, “bathroom”, “outdoor laundry”, “courtyard”, “one pot plant”, “bedrooms that aren’t yours” and “living room”. The house: Located on Queensberry St, mere metres from the tram stop that will take you either to Supanova/Bunnings or to the city depending on how much pop culture/DIY and potting mix you want to take in on any particular day. There is both an IGA and a Foodworks within a block of the house, and there are aggressively many brunch places slowly closing in on us. We have a washing machine, wifi, normal kitchen things, flooring, stairs, doors, walls, oxygen, and what I suspect is a haunted wardrobe. The room: Downstairs. High ceiling. The whole house has high ceilings. High enough to sleep-on-a-bunk-bed-and-re-live-your-childhood-kind-of-high. Rent is $770.50 per month (though it is going to go up $10 a month in June). There is also a bond of one month’s rent, and an irritating going on the lease cost of $110. While the room doesn't get a lot of sunlight, you do get pretty much downstairs to yourself (the other three bedrooms are located upstairs). The room also opens up on a corridor that takes you out to our sunny courtyard which we are slowly filling with different plants. Comes with a wardrobe and can come +/- double bed. Us: Elizabeth, who is me, is a writer and editor with a focus on film. Liam you will of course know from One Direction and the Taken films (he’s actually a puzzle maker who is very lovely) and Richard, whose name derives from German, French, and English “ric” (ruler, leader, king) and “hard” (strong, brave), and it therefore means “powerful leader” according to Wikipedia. He also has a shiny bike. You: Not a couple (sorry, we just hate love.) Looking for long term (year +). Not terrible. If you’re interested, contact me (Elizabeth) on FB. We will be meeting people and showing the house next week. *frantically vacuums*

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