ColourSurround, The Ivory Sleep, Midnight Lions, Bright Red Kite

 21 May
 769 E Hastings, Vancouver BC
  - - -
 Alison May
COLOURSURROUND Dream-like Rock with more hooks than your granpappy's tackle box. They've been floating all over the scene for a while and have held several admirers in the Shoe-Gaze/Post-Punk community. Having outlasted many of their peers, they join us on the Astoria stage. THE IVORY SLEEP Nigel Tung is a one man symphony...and he pulls it off gracefully. His voice is ethereal, his songs are lush and his delivery is intense. It's rare to see someone fresh out of the gate with such a mature collection of original music. Not to be overlooked. MIDNIGHT LIONS PIcking up more steam than a driving scene from Batman Returns, Midnight Lions are creating one HELL of a buzz as they continue to win over every listener with unparalelled devotion. Beautiful, haunting and captivating piano driven, female fronted Post-Rock. Imagine Tori Amos fronting At the Drive In, valuing songwriting over dissonance. BRIGHT RED KITE 4 piece indie rock ressurected after a brief hiatus and more inspired than ever. Hand picked by your friends at CrowsNest specifically for this show. Doors at 8:00pm $10@ the door

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