COLORS pres. Halim | Sam

 19 May
 Babenberger Passage
 Burgring 3 - 1010 - Vienna - Austria
 Babenberger Passage
COLORS pres. Halim | Sam COLORS WELCOME LONG-DRINK Colors gives away 200 Long Drinks every Tuesday in Passage. All you have to is: like our fanpage show it (with your phone) at the door and you get a voucher at the entry which you can cash in at the bars. (cannot be converted into cash) We also have a laptop at the entry in case you “forgot“ your phone Colors is your SOUL - Colors is R’N’B - Colors is HIP HOP - Colors is our HOUSE - Colors is just FUNKY – COLORS IS YOUR RAINBOW Die Passage bekommt am Dienstag einen neuen Anstrich und verwandelt sich in ein Regenbogen-Meer aus Musik, Lasershow und innovativen Lichteffekten! Colors Video: COLORSpecials Ausgewählte Cocktails Specials - in allen Farben - gibt es jeden Dienstag von 22:00 bis Mitternacht um nur € 6! Special Entry: 22:00 bis Mitternacht 5.- (Danach 12.-/ Studenten 8.-) COLORSound: RnB, Soul, Funk, Hip Hop. Ab 22 Uhr Resident DJ’s: Cardes | Damntruth | Halim | Nick Long | Mastercash | Mosaken | Sam COLORSit-And-Drink Send us your requests: or go to (Contact)

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