ColorDance Festival 2015

 15 May
 Poston Lake
 New England Rd/Co Rd 48 @ the corner of Winner Lane - 45778 - Stewart - United States
 Color Dance
PURCHASE TICKETS AT: $60 two day presale pass $80 at the gate Saturday passes available ColorDance is a unique festival that brings together a vast array of music, art, and people for a spiritually renewing experience. One staple element of the festival is the 'color play' which is a physical representation of the major theme, UNITY in DIVERSITY. Like us @ Inspired by the Indian Festival of Colors, color play encourages participants to play with the 'colors' by throwing them into the air in unison to music, smearing them on themselves and others, drawing on natural objects, and any other inventive ways they may create We are happy to call Poston Lake our home for the third year running! The venue has no postal address so you will need to plug in the below address to your GPS and keep in mind you will need to keep driving slightly pas this spot to the can't miss it! ADDRESS: 8865 New England Rd. / Stewart, OH 45778 SET TIMES FRIDAY - Main Venue 4:00PM Don't Fear the Satellites 5:00PM Tropidelic 6:00PM Opening Ceremony led by Mamerto Tindongan culminated by COLOR THROW 6:10PM MoJoFlo 7:10PM After Funk 8:10PM Jahman Brahman 9:10PM Sassafraz 10:30PM Future Rock 12:00AM Jones For Revival 1:00AM Manitoa 2:00AM The Human Experience - David Block FRIDAY - Athenian Vision Stage 8:10PM Yosemight 9:30PM Vibe & Direct 10:30PM - 12:00AM No Music - Future Rock on Main Stage 12:00AM Hellnaw 2:30AM Baby Hands SATURDAY - Main Venue 10:00AM Uncle Larry 11:00AM Benchwood Wyse 12:00PM Waivada 1:00PM Bright At Night 2:00PM Jahman Brahman 3:00PM Love Alive (orchestrated Color Play during set) 4:00PM dadARM 5:00PM Blue Moon Soup 6:00PM Atlas Road Crew (A.R.C) 7:00PM ERIC SOMMER MUSIC 7:30PM Aqueous 9:00PM Aliver Hall 10:00PM TAUK 12:00AM Ghost Owl 1:00AM Carma (my best friends party) 2:00AM Heady Ruxpin SATURDAY - Athenian Vision Stage 2:30PM Cosmic Village 3:50PM Eric Sommer 5:10PM Mrs. Helen Highwater 6:30PM Dallas Craft 7:30PM The Dysfunktional Family 8:20PM Drago 9:00PM Aludel 10PM - 12:00AM No Music - Tauk on Main Stage 12:00AM Benchwood Wyse 1:30AM Peridoni 2:45AM Somadose 3:55AM Kashmerik WORKSHOP SCHEDULE Flow Workshops with Spun Out Fire Productions – located at the SOFP Chill Lounge (Friday 4:00PM – 6:00PM) Exploring the Creative Process with David Block – “The Human Experience” (Friday 6:45 PM – 7:45 PM) ~ A deep dive into the creative/artistic process and the similarities across different mediums. Learn how to live a happy/healthy/creative/abundant life Sunset Connection Yoga with Logan Martini & Jonathan Gaietto (Friday 8:00 PM – 8:45 PM) ~ A chance to liberate each and every cell with connecting sacred movement and your breath Mind Body and Spirit Yoga with Meredith Bury (Saturday 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM) ~ Focusing on slowing the mind down through meditation and movement Philosophy of Hugs with Drew Sartin (Saturday 11:10 AM – 12:10 PM) ~ Through this workshop you will delve into the hug in a way you never have before, giving the hug a new meaning you take with you. By the end of these exercises you'll be inspired to not only to hug, but to gleam love for yourself and others Release WithIN Yin with Angie Watson (Saturday 12:20 PM – 1:20 PM) ~ The experience of yin yoga and Reiki is a melt your body, free your mind movement meditation. In yin yoga we hold postures for longer periods of time as a way of breathing through our difficulties and accepting the moment exactly as it presents itself. Combining this with Reiki, brings much healing to the recipient. Reiki is an energy healing technique that clears the energy systems of the body, promotes relaxation, and heals old wounds Beyond the Influence of the Collective Mind with Mark Lombard (Saturday 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM) ~ Long held belief patterns absorbed into our psyche from parents, schools, and the media, are often based on false assumptions as to how reality actually functions. If we do not understand the greater truths of our life on earth, we suffer. This seminar reveals how to expand and empower our life by cutting the chains of mental and emotional bondage Breathing into Awareness with Josh Morrow (Saturday 2:40 PM – 3:40 PM) ~ For this workshop we will be exploring and discovering how the breath can effect or waking life. Diving into the breath by practicing different techniques of pranayama that have been practiced for centuries. Unlocking clarity and centering the body, soul, and mind, while applying it to our day to day life Manifesting Sound to Image with Uche Nkanginieme – “Cosmic Village” (Saturday 3:50 PM – 4:50 PM) ~ Uche will perform a series of songs for the participants. They will be given paper and colored pencils/pens and asked to draw out what they hear/feel/visualize as they listen to each song played. At the end of each song, participants will share their images and their interpretation so the group as a whole can get a feel for each individual’s unique perspective. Connecting Our Dots with Mike Heffron (Saturday 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM) ~ Welcome to the grand ensemble known as the human race! We are all individuals’ dots, yet when we connect, a larger work of art is revealed. Join in the process of fostering these connections. Using fun movement exercises, energy work, and deep interpersonal communion, you will build bridges between your fellowman that will last beyond time and distance Off the Path Wraps with Jansen Paumier (Saturday 6:10 PM - 7:10 PM) ~ Wire wrapping workshop for the beginner to advacned wrapper Restoring and Rejuvenating Yoga W/ Meredith Bury (Sunday 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM) ~ We will be refreshing our bodies and minds through essential oils and relaxation ***Note – All workshops will meet at the Workshop Stage, unless otherwise listed. The workshop leader may take the group elsewhere from there VISUAL ARTISTS: Vincent Michael Krivda, Jr. Ariel Esterline Patrick Milescu's Art Vince Dibiaso Logan Walden Davy Howard Mason Denver Thomas Caitlyn Rack Pristique Tucker Cori Richards Jessica Starkeeper Isis Cuzzone Kaiti Deddens Art Katey Sunflower Hannah Anadono Travis Ward Caiti Deane Curtis Jeane Peter Wilke Gain Gerundo Scott Tanner Performances by Maya Skye, Spun Out Fire Productions, Professor Bubblemaker, and The Amazing Giants Installations by Mamerto Tindongan, Kickin' It, and Osirian Flora Design For tickets and more info visit our site

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