Collecting Clothing Donations for Homeless LGBT Youth

 17 May
 Chino, Chino Hills, & Irvine areas
  - - -
 Alyssa Marie Alfonso
I plan to donate my used clothing to the Los Angeles LGBT Youth Center on Highland, and I would like to ask all of you if you would kindly consider donating yours as well. These clothing donations will benefit homeless LGBT youth who utilize the Center's services. No clothing to donate? You can still help make a huge difference! I have also set up a fundraiser that is raising money for NEW socks and underwear that will be donated. See pinned post below for more information. To make it easier for you, I am 100% willing to collect your clothing donations myself if you are in the CHINO, CHINO HILLS or IRVINE areas (please read below for details). I plan to make a trip to the Center during the week of May 17, and can take all your donated items with me at that time. CHINO/CHINO HILLS: If you have any clothing donations you would like to make, I can pick them up from you wherever you live. I am also willing to make the drive if you live in a reasonably close city (e.g. Pomona, Montclair, Diamond Bar) IRVINE: I will be at UCI on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15, and can collect your clothing donations then. Just FB message/text/call me and let me know where I can meet you. I can also drive to where you live if it is in Irvine or Tustin. The Youth Center also collects new underwear and socks. I know most of us don't have those hanging around since we use them so frequently. But if you do, those would be much appreciated as well. Thank you so much for your wonderful generosity! ❤️

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