Coceleald Handgun Permit Course

 06 June
 Hilton New Orleans Airport
 901 Airline Dr - 70062 - Kenner - United States
 Shannon Ducros
CONCEALED HANDGUN COURSE DATES AND ALL INFO!!!! METAIRIE: CHC dates are 1-on Saturday, June 6th and 1-on Sunday June 7th (MUST sign up on or before Friday May, 29th) Location coming soon 8am till 5 pm+ COVINGTON: CHC dates are 1-on Saturday, June 27th and 1-on Sunday, June 28th (MUST sign up by Friday June, 22nd) Location:Clarion inn 501 N. Hwy 190 8am till 5pm+ SPECIAL GUEST FOR JUNE CHC provided by Phobos Sulations. (Swat Team Leader or Special forces members and firearms Instructors) Step by step process and cost for each step, hope this help you. Step 1. Take The Concealed Handgun Course(CHC) price 100.00 (50.00 due at sign up and MUST sign up 1 week before the class) sign up and more info at CHC is at least 8 hours long (state law) some can run longer do to class size, range time and for fingerprinting. Range fee: 10.00 Ammo: If needed, prices vary by caliber (ask me for price) Gun rentals: Free (no gun, no problem I have plenty) Step 2. Get 2 fingerprint cards made ( June classes can have fingerprints done at the class ) 30.00 TOTAL so far for the CHC, range, fingerprints and ammo are under 160.00 all at 1 place. no xtra gas and time to waist. I'm also working on a lunch sponsor for each CHC Step 3. Fill out the application online at the state police website or print your application and get 3 papers notarized. Note: if you file online you do not need to have any papers notarized. ( this will save you at least 45.00. 15.00 per page) the state charges 125.00 (25.00 a year for a 5 year permit) some may pay more. see # Step 5 Step 4. Get a passport photo if needed. most photos will come from your Louisiana Drivers License. (price unknown) Step 5. Some applicants will need to fill out more paperwork and pay more for the permit. For example: If you have lived in another state in the past 15 years. All info can be found on the LSP website, Once your on the LSP website click the Applications and forms tab at the top right of the page, Than click on the 3rd tab down Concealed Handgun permit application. I will help any way I can if you have trouble. If you have any other question please let me know BTW you get 10% off Bravo Concealment Holsters Thanks again Shannon Ducros Firearm Training

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