Co-evolution of vegetation patterns and erosional dynamics under varying CO2 concentrations

 22 May
 Robert Street Lecture Theatre
  - - -
 Kaylee Anderson
Dr. Gavan McGrath, Research Fellow at UWA will be some of his research this coming Friday. DEETalks goes on hiatus after this talk for semester break until July 31, so make sure you come out and enjoy this last talk for semester 1. Friday, May 22 4pm Robert Street Lecture Theatre Free pizza and snacks and cheap beer, good company to follow Variations in atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide have in the past and are currently impacting vegetation water use efficiency (WUE). Changes to WUE have the potential for strong eco-geomorphic feedbacks in water-limited ecosystems where vegetation develops self-organized patchiness. In this work we explore with a landscape evolution model, coupled to an individual-based vegetation model, the erosional dynamics of hills under rising and falling CO2 concentations. We find that erosion rates are sensitive to WUE differences. In addition, hill form and vegetation distribution are highly sensitive to the initial vegetation pattern and display nonlinear dependence on the temporal trends in WUE. We also find that metrics of landscape self-organisation developed for humid climates give inconsistent results in these water-limited, eco-geomorphic systems.

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