Club Moloss within the national all-breed show hold a festival of specialties "Spring Royal Court"

 24 May
 Novosibirsk, Capital City Of Siberia
  - 63 - Novosibirsk - Russia
 Oleg Korotkikh
May 24, 2015 in Novosibirsk Club "Moloss" within the national all-breed show holds a festival of specialties "Spring Royal Court."Bull Terrier (Club Winner), Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Club Winner) Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (Club Winner), Kerry Blue Terrier (Club Winner) Jack Russell Terrier (Club Winner), Parson Russell Terrier (Club Winner) Welsh Terrier (Club Championship Candidate) Yorkshire Terrier (Club Championship Candidate) Scottish Terrier (Club Championship Candidate) American Staffordshire Terrier (Club Championship Candidate) Deutsche Dogge (Club Winner) Dogue de Bordeaux (Club Winner) Cane Corso (Club Winner) Griffon (Club Winner), Labrador (Club Winner) Golden Retriever (Club Winner) Nordic Sledge (Club Championship Candidate) FCI Judges: Nemanja Jovanovic (Serbia) Enrigue Mate Duran (Spain) Panos Demetriou (Cyprus) Hans Van Den Berg (Netherlands) Julia Ovsyannikova (Russia)

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