Clean Money Fundraising

 25 May
 Canterbury, United Kingdom
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 Clean Money
Have you ever had a secret that you could not tell anyone? Clean Money is THE secret of 2015! Only the production crew is in the know about the storyline of the film. Do you want to know more? Clean Money is a unique feature film experience. It focuses on your curiosity and forces you to discover and engage with the social media it involves. You will have a chance to get involved and immerse yourself within the fictional world of the characters, you will need to solve puzzles and piece together information in order to find out what the film is truly about. You will also get a chance to keep track of the production through updates on our website, social media and our IndieGoGo campaign via our 'Transparent Production' scheme. So how can you help? We are aspiring to raise £7,000. This sum will cover the cost of equipment rental, as well as various other bits and pieces such as transportation, costumes, location fees and so on. The team are all working on a voluntary basis. They are all doing so out of their love for film making and faith in this project. Clean Money allows everyone involved the opportunity to prove what they can do, and will allow us all to take massive steps toward being a part of the industry. Find out more at - Help fund us at

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