Clay Afterlight: A Premium Celebration at Sunset.

 16 May
 191 Western Main Road, Cocorite - Formerly "O" Bar - The entire Peninsula behind Econo Cars
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 Clay Jouvert
Clay Afterlight: Premium All Inclusive NETWORK: Arianna Montano 739-3343 Asha Lovelace Brendon Clement 687-6871 Clay Box Office 316-2266 Colin Cockburn 463-5174 Dominic Besson 763-1860 Guru Kast 707-4878 Guy Marley 782-1154 Javier Price 330-0217 Jodi Cabral 784-7742 John Castagne 299-1557 Justin Gosine 767-5919 Khafra Rudder 398-6913 Louis Claude Thomas 714-8988 Maria O'Brien 284-8207 Miranda Ho 710-6399 Nastassia Maharaj 376-5471 Natasha Thompson 682-5588 Oliver Martin 769-7195 Richard's Westmall 637-7177 Robert Dumas Rudy Ramkissoon 287-3400 Russel Charles 376-3999 Samantha Sinanan 323-2438 Sashi Pooran 360-6699 Scott Fanovich 384-9912 Shane Henneman 328-9292 Shawn Jagmohan 312-7862 Simon White 789-5999 Sonia Cabral 489-9498 Stephan Grosberg 798-8181 Stephen Wilson 389-5569 Trudie James Rezende 359-4012 Tisha-Marie Dayal 774-7660 Vanessa Dalla Costa 681-8418 At Clay Afterlight we do some things differently than our J’ouvert; We Celebrate Sunset …instead of sunrise We dress comfortable and stylish in Resort Chic We drink premium from beginning to end We enjoy a seaside inspired fusion of tapas with local and international dishes. We dance to an uplifting array of sounds…pop, party classics, soca, reggae, electronic and our heartbeat rhythm section We arrive early to the elegant Clay Afterlight Waterfront to live it up in sunset’s glow. What remains the same? Clay’s energy, freedom and love of a good time. Clay, not just J’ouvert! 16 May 2015 4 to 10 pm Afterlight Waterfront 191 Western Main Road. secured parking on site Premium All Inclusive with food $600

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 15 December, Thursday