Classical Conversations Parent Practicum of Jacksonville, NC

 27 May
 Jacksonville Bible Church
 501 Anne St - 28540 - Jacksonville - United States
 Maghan Spring
Have you ever redeemed a coupon? What did you get in return for that little piece of paper? An ice cream cone? A discount on laundry detergent? A free movie ticket? Have you ever wished you could redeem your education? “Return it” for something more valuable to you? Many parents begin the homeschooling journey determined to give their children a better education than the one they received. But, many of us wish we could transform our own educations, too. Practicums offer parents that chance! Our yearly 3-Day Parent Practicums offer encouragement, inspiration, and equipping to parents and interested educators. Each summer, parents at all stages of the homeschooling journey spend three days delving into the underlying philosophy and the practicalities of the classical model; then, we challenge ourselves to dig deeper into a specific subject, discovering the truths behind the facts and becoming students ourselves. We learn new ideas and vocabulary, we begin to understand how to identify and fill in the gaps in our own educations, and we wrestle with big ideas in the company of a like-minded community; in short, we practice learning classically! As an added bonus, we get to model the skills of learning for our children; we show them how exciting it is to learn new ideas and demonstrate that learning is a lifelong pursuit. We are excited to offer multiple student camps at our Jacksonville Practicum! Please reserve your child''s camp spots as soon as possible as we do expect the camps to fill quickly (sometimes within 24 hours). For the 2015 Jacksonville Practicum, we are offering: Nursery (0-2), Play Camp (3-5), Geo Draw (6-8) and Lyrical Life Science Camp (9-14).

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