CIP SoJA Speak Out Series

 18 May
 DePaul Student Center 2250 N. Sheffield Ave. Suite 105 (Center for Intercultural Programs)
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 Maggie Mae Ryan
SoJA Speak Out Series Topics and Dates: How Many More?: Police Brutality Then and Now on May 18th at 6-7:30 pm LGBQ: Where's the T? on May 20th from 1-2:30 pm That Vinny Life: Exploring Christian Privilege on May 26th at 6-7:30 pm Over the past few months, several incidents in our country require us to confront the reality of racism, transphobia, and Christian hegemony in our communities and on our campuses. Movements such as #BaltimoreUprising, #ChristianPrivilege, and #FixSociety call to question how we are working towards justice. Many people feel sad, discouraged, and frustrated by these events as well as many other events that disproportionately impact the lives of individuals who are marginalized and oppressed in our country. We invite you to join one of our peer-led community conversations to process, reflect, and be in community with others. Our sessions will be held in the front space of the Center for Intercultural Programs located in Suite 105 of the Lincoln Park Student Center (2250 N. Sheffield Ave.). There will also be free tea and hot chocolate! While you may feel powerless to dismantle systems of oppression, we are not powerless. There is power in sharing our stories, coming together, and finding inspiration and renewed resilience in one another.

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