CINEMA Preview Performance + Post Show Discussion Arcola Theatre London

 27 May
 Arcola Theatre
 24 Ashwin Street - E8 3DL - London - United Kingdom
19th August 1978. Cinema Rex fire, Iran. 422 dead. The year of Superman, Saturday Night Fever and an act of terror that sparked a revolution. Who will remember the dead? Shahrzad, feral cat and teller of tales, pleads with Death for one more life. To have another saucer of milk. To tell the stories of the dead. For eternity. Paris, Baga, Pechawar, Aleppo, New York, Utoya, London, Abadan...What maters now is that the names are not forgotten. ZENDEH tell award-winning, unforgettable stories, connecting the personal with the political. Post Show Discussion: Deborah Williams and Danny Whitehead @ZENDEH_tweets #CINEMACAT

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