Chosen: Yard Sale for Haiti Benefit Lexington, Kentucky

 16 May
 3100 Cottontail Lane Lexington, Kentucky
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 Jeremy Cornett
Worldwide, every 15 seconds, someone dies from ingesting unsanitary water. On August 2,2014 Lexington, Kentucky MADE A REAL DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF MANY FOR YEARS TO COME! We had a charity sale with 100% of funds being sent to Haiti. Now we are doing it again and YOU can help! We are presently collecting items for the next sale! The 2014 effort launched in order to raise money to send water filters to Haiti. Your response was awe inspiring. First and foremost, let us thank you for all that you did to assist our team in sending more than 60 water filters to the village of Leogane! To you and I, it may seem like just a drink of water, but to 2 million people THIS YEAR it will be a death sentence. Lexington, you have made a difference! This goal of this sale is to acquire funding necessary to build, stock and equip a food pantry at the Chosen mission center. The pantry will then be used as the base for a feeding program that will supply at least one meal a day to the students of a summer day camp for the children of Leogane. To start, the plan is to equip this ministry to accommodate between 30-40 students. The day camp will offer literacy programs, recreational opportunities, and Bible study. Students who attend the camp for the week, will then be rewarded with a food basket which will provide their family meals over the weekend. So we have a sale. We donate things we will likely never miss. We shop the sale to support the cause of building the pantry, and in reality, we are impacting lives forever! All in the name of Jesus. When we do this in Jesus' Name, we agree that the Holy Spirit has permission and Power to soften the hearts of the people involved, and to reveal the Love of Christ to them! That is "the Way" to God that Jesus spoke of in John 4:16. Jesus reminds us, "I am the Way." Let's join together in this community effort to make an impact in the lives of people in the village of Leogane, Haiti, who are in need of something that we often take for granted in our lives here in America. There is a better life to be offered them through the generosity of others...through the generosity of YOU!! The idea is quite simple... Our effort is to make this yard sale one of excellence and success and make the most positive impact on the Haitian people that we can through the sale. Again, 100% of proceeds will be given to the benefit of the people of Haiti, so we would like to see this become one of the biggest sales that the city of Lexington has ever seen. We need your help to make this happen. Teams have been assembled to collect donations of yard sale items to sell in the fundraising efforts. If you have gently used items that you would like to donate to our sale, please respond to this post, or by contacting someone by cell phone or email from the list provided in the contacts section of this page. The following items will give you an idea (though we are not limiting the sale to just these items) of what we will be collecting for sale in the fundraising event: Clothes, Shoes, Coats, Hats, Belts, Purses/Bags CDs, Albums, Books, Flower Arrangements/Plants Frames, Pictures, Wicker, Vases, Dishes Jewelry, Toiletries, Stuffed animals, Beach Stuff Toys, Games, Sporting Equipment, Bikes, Pet Stuff Electronics, Kitchen Items, Appliances Furniture, Bedding, Towels, Mattress, Curtains, Rugs Christmas/Holiday Merchandise, etc... Perhaps you have an idea for something different altogether, a unique and special way that you can contribute to this effort. We would love to hear it!! You were made to be you, and if you have a special way to add an element to this fundraising effort, please share with us through the contacts listed. We will respond to you at our earliest convenience. Last year's sales offered food and drinks, plenty of great fellowship, and a live professional DJ spinning tunes! Donated items were pouring in all throughout the sale, and there was something for everyone! Be sure to make the sale for yourself. A team of volunteers is presently being assembled to both manage the set-up and sale of the items on the sale day, break down the sale, and to cook and entertain during the sale. Monetary donations will be accepted prior to, during, and after the event. All cash donations can be delivered to the event, checks made out to : "Methodist Home of Kentucky" (please specify on your donation the funds are going to the "Chosen Program"), or online donations can be made using a PayPal donation button at the following link: ( ) Any donated items that are not sold at this sale will be offered again at a later sale to raise funds for the same cause! After that sale is complete, all remaining sale items with be stored for future sales, or donated to another non-profit organization (ie. Goodwill) following that sale. Please contact the Event Coordinator, David Woolery, to schedule a pick up time or in order to discuss an idea you have for helping with our campaign. David Woolery : 859.457.3072 or via email at the following email address: SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!!! THIS EVENT CANNOT REACH IT'S POTENTIAL WITHOUT OTHERS HELPING US TO SPREAD THE WORD. IT ONLY TAKES A SECOND TO CLICK THE SHARE BUTTON!!! READ THIS AND THEN... SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!!!

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