China Shop Bull @ Balter Festival - Hereford, United Kingdom

 07 June
 Kingsland, United Kingdom
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Lineup: ----------------- China Shop Bull Buy Tickets: Find Local Concerts: This year is all about serious fun as we lunge into action, ready to trip you into a metaphorical wheelbarrow and hurtle you through a weekend traversing from the ridiculous to the downright absurd. So pack your Kendal mint cake and your KY, and prepare your jaw, as it’s going to drop and bounce heavier then your momma at a skrillex gig. You will hear sounds unlike any you have ever heard, see sights you will wish you had never seen, and touch things that are perhaps best left untouched. You will dance, laugh, cry, fall over, make new friends whose names you may never remember or perhaps be reunited with people from this year as crewdem from all over the UK and beyond assemble together in the one way we know how; in front of a hooning rig!

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