Chase Festival 2015

 05 June
 Stadthalle Heidelberg
 Neckarstaden 24 - 69117 - Heidelberg - Germany
 Chase Festival
We are staying with the very successful and unique concept for the Chase Festival: it’s all about digging into & drawing inspiration from the original old-timers with the help of vintage clips. Each class is based on a favourite vintage clip of the teacher, and you’ll learn new ideas for your lindy hopping - taking the best from the old days and bringing it into the now. As we will play the clips during the class you also learn about the history of our dance! Heidelberg is our beautiful location and the entire festival will take place in the historic city hall - that means classes, as well as evening parties! Everything happens in one spot - so the only travel you do during Chase Festival is time travel! Main Teachers: - Michael&Evita (US), - William&Maeva (FR), - Jeremy&Laura (US) - JB Mino & Tatiana (FR) - Ali&Katja (DE) Taster Teachers: - Alex & Natalia (UK & USA) - Hugo & Melanie (FR) - Cat & Cam (UK & Australia) - Joris & Elze (Belgium & Lithuania) Bands: - Hot Sugar Band - Huggee Swing Band DJs: - DJ Chrisbe - DJ Marc - DJ Praveen

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