ChampiMassage: Indian Head Massage Training

 22 May
 Santa Fe, Ft. Marcy Recreation Complex, 490 Bishops Lodge, Santa Fe, NM, US
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 Champissage USA
Order tickets via Eventbrite: Four basic types of moves make up 90% of Indian Head Massage. You will learn what these moves are and apply them to the arms, back, neck, and head. This fun-filled class will quickly and easily help you to perform Indian Head Massage for paying clients as well as family and friends. Done for thousands of years, enjoy the wonderful simplicity and effectiveness of ChampiMassage. Laurie English, LMT, RPP, LCICI was a national instructor for Champissage. She has owned a five-star rated mobile massage company, SpaNomad, for the past 8 years and does Indian Head Massages on a regular basis. An avid learner and teacher, Laurie will make sure you have the tools you need to perform a top-notch Indian Head Massage. Laurie is one of the few instructors to have traveled to Indian. In 2009 she studied with the Barbers of Pushkar. Indian Head Massage is perfect for massage therapists as well as aestheticians and anyone else interested in being able to do massage anywhere with just their hands (no equipment necessary). This ChampiMassage class runs from 10-1:30 on Friday May 22 and again on Saturday May 23. Our location is right near downtown Santa Fe. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the Southwest as well as learn 6 in-depth, practical modules the art and craft of Indian Head Massage. Day One: Module 1: IHM: Lightness of Movement Module 2: IHM: Grounding Elements Module 3: Application of Elements in Indian Head Massage Day Two: Module 4: IHM: Fluid Motion Module 5: IHM: Activating Energy Module 6: Application of Element in Indian Head Massage

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