Chalympics (BBQ, Sports Day, & time of fellowship with Blackrock and Huntington Chapel)

 30 May
 The Huntington Chapel
 177 Ripton Rd - 06484-2631 - Shelton - United States
 Brad Wankewicz
This is a great time to come together with Young Adults from all 5 churches/ anyone else in the area who would be interested. We will be playing sports like football, frisbee, capture the flag (glow in the dark with light up colored gloves), soccer and volleyball. Other things to do are a slip and slide, zip line, and massive tree swing. Maybe even we will have a water balloon fight. If you want any other events please let us know. If someone wants to bring a guitar there can be musical worship also. This is an all day event. There will be food but we will be asking people to help get the food or bring money to put towards it. In the coming days i will add a list of things needed. Please let us know if you are coming.

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 30 October, Sunday