Chakradance Awakening May 22 Vermillion

 22 May
  - - -
 Chantelle Detillieux
Experience an evening of Chakradance Our focus and intent will be to clear blockages in our chakras, preventing us from living the lives our souls intend for us. Chakradance gives us the opportunity to use music, dance, meditation and Mandala artwork to dive into the messages our souls have been dying for us to hear. I am so excited to share this work with others. It has been so life-changing for me. I am thriving and enjoying this new, heart-opening way of living ♥ Visit Chakradance PA with Chantelle Detillieux to watch videos and get in touch with the magic of this practice. Class will run from 6:00 - 7:30 Please contact Chelsea Bessette if you are interested. We will be accepting 10 students for the first class. The price is $35 Learn more here:

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