CCG Joins Grand Travel Log Lewis Ride

 30 May
 Lewes shopping precinct BN7 2LP
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 Keith Trott
GRAND TRAVEL LOG LEWES/CYCLE LEWES TWEED AND RETRO BIKE RIDE 2pm on Saturday 30th May Bored with Lycra? Don’t want mud stripes up your bottom? Meet at 2pm on Saturday 30th May in the Lewes shopping precinct outside Boots for a 10 mile or so leisurely ride, to include a visit to a traditional pub at Barcombe. Style tweed or retro, so bring your retro racer, you’re upright shopping bike with basket and flowers your mum/dad’s old, your best outdoor hearty tweeds or you’re cycling to church outfit or anything else that would fit the bill. Before the start time you can visit the Lewes Hike and Bike festival fair which is taking place in the precinct. You won’t get barred if you can’t manage these (unless you turn up in Lycra) but you will receive acclamation for stylish bikes or dress. For more details email

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