Casamento de Adam e Raphael

 06 June
 Kilarney Lake
 KILLARNEY LAKE - E3G 8T4 - Fredericton - Canada
 Adam Cl Ow Ater
15:00 Standing Wedding Ceremony Killarney Lake Beach 17:00 Meal at BrewBakers 19:00 Holiday Inn Express & Suites Fredericton for Dancing, Cake from Chess Piece Cafe Cake Apologies for the panic, after a quick slip of hitting the delete button, (no names mentioned Raphael) I will now be the sole administrator for the event ;) We look forward to celebrating this Wicked night, with singing, dancing and stuffing our faces with cake! Lots of Love and Apologies, Adam and Raphael PS if you are looking for a wedding gift suggestion, we are looking for help to take a last minute honeymoon.

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