Cary, NC - Inspire the Fire: Practice Intensive @ Republic of Yoga

 30 May
 Raleigh, North Carolina 27607
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 Campbell Yoga
INSPIRE THE FIRE: FULL PRACTICE INTENSIVE Saturday May 30, 1:30-4:30p "Tapas svadhyaya isvarapranidhanani kriyayogah" Yoga Sutras 2.1 Yoga is revealed to us as a state of union through discipline to the practice (tapas), sincere study of the self (svadhyaya) and ultimate surrender and release to a higher power (isvarapranidanha). The intention of this in depth 3 hour practice is to offer the context and space for just that- disciplined effort, honest and compassionate study of self, and a glimpse of surrender in a supported environment. Join Jennifer as she returns to Raleigh for this special weekend workshop and allow your practice to go beyond asana. A full afternoon of asana, pranayama, mantra and deep rest awaits! While you do not need to have an advanced asana practice this full spectrum practice is not for beginners. 1 year minimum of regular yoga practice required- please contact Jennifer if unclear. Sign up here:

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