Cars In the Park

 17 May
 Ashburton Training Academy
  - - -
 Darron Vtec Boell
Cars in the park show off and shine. This event starts at 07:00 and ends at 16:30 odd. We are appealing to all members who have modified their vehicles to bring your cars out for the show and shine. Obviously the more modified, the better. There will be many other vehicles there on the day as well to keep everybody entertained. Members/participants do not have to stay the entire day. Venue is the Ashburton Training academy. Indemnity forms will have to be filled out by participants and those partaking in the show and shine will have access cards given to them. Pre-reservations have been made for 10 vehicles to partake in the show and shine. Regulations specify that the car must have some extent of work done to it in some aspect, preferably visual so we need more than just a bumper sticker and a lip in this case peeps. If you think you car has what it takes, we encourage you to take part and show the best your car has to offer. Ill update this event with more details as i get them.

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