Carnglaze Caverns Sound Bath

 14 June
 Carnglaze Caverns
 St Neot - PL14 6HQ - Liskeard - United Kingdom
 Sound Bath Healing
WHEN BOOKING PLEASE CLICK ON SIMPLETIX LINK (ABOVE 'BOOKINGS AND PAYMENT') After last year's amazing event we are returning to Carnglaze Caverns on June 14 this year. Imagine yourself deep inside the earth, hearing sacred sounds filling the air and reverberating around you. Just one week before the solstice this is a great way to prepare yourself for the turning of the year. The acoustics in the Caverns are fantastic and we are really excited about returning to play here. As with last year, Dan and Ann Teague will be bringing their buffalo drum, Spirit of the Sound to add to the atmosphere of the occasion. We will be creating a special moment down near the pool prior to the main event for those who wish to come early. The Caverns are at a constant 8 degrees so please bring plenty of blankets or a sleeping bag for your comfort.

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