Carl Smith Solo Art Show "For Natalia Goncharova"

 29 May
 Little Pink Monster Gallery
 916 Springdale, Bldg 2, Gallery 103 - - Austin - United States
 Carl Smith Visual Art
Hello! This solo show is important to me, please come. I am very grateful for the opportunity to show at Little Pink Monster Gallery in Canopy show description= Natalia Goncharova (1881 – 1962) was a painter who in 1911 invented a new abstract style of painting called Rayonism. The style was truly under loved but highly influential in the development of Cubism and many other painting styles. The old masters (think Rembrandt, Cezanne) had their own unique ways of lighting their subjects but in Rayonism the light comes directly from the lines. This practice in Rayonism relates directly to a practice of drawing that I am forever in love with and am constantly striving to get my right through dedicated practice and concerted effort. Rayonism and Goncharova have helped me immensely in my understanding of how to draw, paint and compose a good image. I try to use a diversity of line making techniques with spray paint, brushes and whatever I can get my hands on. In this show I tried to exhibit some of that diversity. “Consequently, if we wish to paint literally what we see, then we must paint the sum of rays reflected from the object. But in order to receive the total sum of rays from the desired object, we must select them deliberately - because together with the rays of the object being perceived, there also fall into our range of vision reflected reflex rays belonging to other nearby objects.” - Natalia Goncharova 1913

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