Card Reading 101 with Tori Hartman

 15 May
  St Columba Church, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8DJ
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 Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards
Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards offer you a deeply personal message, but how do you interpret and apply that to your life? For each card there is a key that reveals exactly what is happening in your life. In this workshop, you will: • Learn how to use the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards for divination • Use the 7 aspects of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards to tap into your psychic knowing • Learn to spot patterns in card combinations to reveal their hidden message • Learn how to tap into the place of knowing that all readers have In this workshop, professional psychic Tori Hartman will bring your intuition to the forefront of your readings so that you can come into your skills with confidence and ease. An invaluable tool for any card reader.

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