Caravãna Sun @ OXFORD ART FACTORY (Single Launch) w/ Ego Monkey & Capital C

 05 June
 38-46 Oxford Street - 2010 - Sydney - Australia
 Caravãna Sun
FRI 5th JUNE @ OXFORD ART FACTORY (Single Launch) 7pm + Ego Monkey & Capital Coast Tickets: _____________________________________________ Natives of the road, Caravãna Sun are setting forth on a short run of dates to celebrate the release of Ashes, the first single from their forth coming album due for release later this year. It would be fair to say these boys don’t just write music and words, they tell stories. While touring the summer just gone they met an Indigenous man at a show in Western Australia. He approached the band afterwards to thank them for reigniting the fire he’d lost inside himself, he told the boys their music was “calling out all his ancestors from the ashes to that moment”. His character captivated Caravãna Sun and they invited him to play with them when they were next in the area. His reply was as raw as it was inspiring “I would love to but I have cancer and only a couple of months to live”. This guy was completely at peace with his fate. He left the conversation by saying he would play with them in spirit and to keep overcoming the obstacles throughout life. It was these words that sparked inspiration for their single Ashes. Overcoming obstacles really resonated with Caravãna Sun and was the source of inspiration behind the songs one-take film clip. Ashes is the first track to be showcased off Caravãna Sun’s third album, set for release later this year. With a back-story that risks bringing darkness with it, Ashes is an electrifying, nimble tune that does more than just pay respect but celebrates all our ancestors and reminds us that we are not alone. The Ashes Single Tour is Caravãna Sun’s last run of Aussie dates before the band jet off on their fourth European Summer Tour. Visit for more info & tickets.

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