Camp Raasepori Conversational and Cumulative Look-In of The Tribal Childbearing .. Camp Beersheva, Israel .. Camp Samae Beach, Thailand ..

 15 May
 Raaseporin Linna
 Raaseporin linnantie - 10710 Snappertuna - Snappertuna - Finland
 Jukka Niemi
Campus area - non stop Bodily And Consciously Unified Male-Female Tribal Childbearing ( sacrificed .. unleavening .. of-for the animals, too .. ) The Childbirth Trainees protocol program under work - Training campus starts every year, everywhere from 15.5 to 13.12 if it suits to the attendants - or just whenever - The go through of the whole program takes possibly about eight weeks - to become more mature or fature mother or father - By now, the antecedent training needs advisors and trainers The Program, by now 1. To father - to mother jointly, emotionally, bodily and mentally, wholy together 2. Childbirth efforts in the field - to support the childbirth emotionally, bodily and consciously unified male-female childbirth pushing - the birth 3. The primary care of the newborn infants in the nature emotionally the family of three persons together 4. The Tribal part- how to become member of the tribe grown The co-operational emergency rescue survival unit duties of 6 persons in the wild - under construction The Look-in part. The true and promotional protocol conversations about the legal delegate trainees of the title of the legal, survival, seeker delegate of the miss national royal ordinary working girl. Or communal and social crisis person on duty of a liquidator. Or correspondingly about the title of the legal delegate trainees of the mr royal ordinary working men. Whatsoever, You name the title. Up to a group of 6 girls or young man to create an ultimate international delegation of the both genders and the all species of the nature unified. And have a wonderful, miraculous, unknown way-out life <3 red hearths

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