Camden park church picnic

 17 May
 Camden Park
 5000 Waverly Rd, US 60 West - 25704-1000 - Huntington - United States
 Oak Grove Church
THIS IS FOR THE PARENTS all children to get your tickets paid for by the church needs to come every sunday and sing with the kids when they get up to sing anyone that wants to attend tickets are 13.00 dollars if you plan to ride or not it is still 13.00 dollars we rented the shelter beside the putt putt golf and shy lift we will be having our church picnic so everyone needs to bring food and coolers of your favorite children drinks we will keep a poster board of childrens present every sunday and lillie and rhonda have a very good sunday school class on sundays at 1030am everyone needs to start coming to sunday school kids of all ages are invited and dick hundley has the teenagers

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