Cambridge University Cardboard Boat Race 2015

 14 June
 Jesus Lock
  - - Cambridge - United Kingdom
 Oli Wettern
Want to procrastinate this exam term doing/ dreaming of doing something slightly constructive? - now with a chance of winning tickets to the Peterhouse May Ball! Once again the Granta Rats University punting society are excited to be organising one of the highlights of the Cambridge year - the Suicide Sunday Cardboard Boat Race! (as featured in the Daily Mail - To enter a team, post below. BY ENTERING A TEAM INTO THE RACE, YOU ACCEPT THESE CONDITIONS: For convenience, please follow the post format of - TEAM NAME; Entrant 1 (CRSid), Entrant 2 (CRSid), Entrant 3 (CRSid)... The team captain (person who submits the post) must be a member of Cambridge University. If you want to be in with a chance of winning some bubbly and free Granta Rats memberships, you'll need to follow the race rules, which can be found here: In essence, the structure of your boat must be made of only cardboard, gaffa tape and/or PVA glue (nearly anything can be used for propulsion); and there must be at least three people in your boat at all times during the race. Each team should, as last year, donate (£3 suggested) to cover the costs of the event, such as the provision of prizes, mystery items and Council waste disposal. This is most easily done directly by transfer to the Society account - Account Number 23246368; Sort Code 77-05-18 We were aware that whatever time we chose would conflict with some people's garden party arrangements - for this we can only apologise. For more details about the society - if you are interested in basically unlimited punting for only £20 a year membership - visit our website Please direct any questions to

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