Cambridge Regional Othello Tournament

 23 May
 Trinity College, Cambridge
 Trinity St - CB2 1TQ - Cambridge - United Kingdom
 Marie Lightman
The third leg of the UK Othello Grand Prix is to be held in Trinity College Cambridge. You can come and take part in this tournament without any previous experience and everyone is welcome! Free to first time players, unwaged £5 and waged £10. Cambridge is a beautiful city where every second building is a cafe. One of my favorite things to do is to visit Granchester Meadows where the war poets used to hang out. Some fun facts. The University of Cambridge was officially started in 1209 by an association of scholars who came from Oxford. There are rumours that these scholars where in trouble with the law in Oxford and made a run for it to Cambridge (not something that Cambridge people care to admit or are particularly proud of). There are 31 colleges in total. The University Library has 29 million books, which is every book ever published. However there has been a recent agreement between it, the British Library and Oxford’s library that between them they will carry every book ever written. The reason for this is of course that storage is starting to get out of hand. You are only allowed a clock on your boathouse in Cambridge if you’ve won 10 head of the river races in 10 consecutive years. All staircases are alphabestised in Trinity College but there are no J’s. The reason being that St. John’s is their arch rival. Please contact the organiser (Imre Leader) if you intend to take part so that there is enough equipment (i.e. boards and clocks): For more information on the event including information on how to get there please take a look at the British Othello Federations' website.

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