Calm The Monkey Mind ~ Hove

 17 May
 The Courtlands Hotel, 19-27 The Drive, Hove, BN3 3JE
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 Brahma Kumaris Brighton
Is your mind like a monkey? Jumping from branch to branch in the jungle of pressures and deadlines ... flitting from one thought to another, what should or shouldn’t be done, what others did or didn’t do ... How do we stop the mind from being busy, busy, busy? The afternoon will include a talk, a chance to dialogue and ask questions, and time for creative meditation. Guest Speaker ~ Matthew Earl Matthew started exploring meditation whilst running a marketing business, as a key to self-development and helping others. With 12 years’ experience teaching Raja Yoga meditation, he has seen the benefits that self-understanding and meditation practice bring, enabling peace of mind and happiness to grow and be sustained, even with the challenges of modern life. For further information and to register for this FREE event please see our main web page at

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