Cairns Eco-Fiesta (unofficial promotion)

 31 May
 Cruise Liner Terminal and adjacent parkland
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 SirJah Fe
Note - this is UNOFFICIAL community support for the promotion of the Cairns Eco-Fiesta. See contact details for official organisers at Cairns Regional Council below. ***************** Sun 31 May 2015 Cairns Eco-Fiesta (formerly Sustainable Living Expo) Cruise Liner Terminal and adjacent parkland We have been busily planning for the 2015 Sustainable Living Expo and have some exciting news to share! Council has partnered with James Cook University to align the 2015 Expo with the JCU Sustainability Symposium – that is, to have two complementary events in the same week. Townsville Council is following suit, partnering with their JCU campus to align their Council’s annual environmental festival with the JCU symposium, which is run concurrently at both campuses. The aim of these partnerships is to create a platform for a regional ‘Eco-Week’, where Councils, JCU, schools, TAFE, community / environment groups, businesses and individual community members hold their own new or existing event / activity during Eco-Week (29 May to 7 June) to benefit from cross promotion and wider media exposure. The Sustainable Living Expo will now be called ‘Eco-Fiesta’ to align with the Townsville event and better reflect the event message of – planet, people, prosperity. The new name is also a nod to CAFNEC’s Enviro-Fiesta from yester-year. The Cairns Eco-Fiesta will be held on Sunday 31 May 2015 at the Cruise Liner Terminal and adjacent parkland – this venue combines the best of both worlds – indoor exhibition space for businesses and outdoor ‘festival’ space where event attendees can enjoy a day out in a relaxed atmosphere. We believe this collaborative approach to align sustainability events across the region will create many synergies, including widening the appeal of individual events. We are writing to highlight the ‘Eco-week’ concept and to invite you to think about how your organisation might like to participate in this collaborative model by holding your own event during Eco-Week. So if you like the idea, please get in touch so we know what your thoughts are and can plan accordingly. The green edge of the business community is also welcome to participate either by having a stall at the Eco-Fiesta, using the week as a platform to promote their green credentials, fundraise for an eco-cause or anything else that makes a positive contribution to the week. We are still in the early planning stages and welcome any input to make Eco-Week and the Eco-Fiesta the premier sustainability event in regional Australia. Please contact one of the team at any time. It’s going to be a big job to bring it all together but we’re really positive about where this can go. Stay tuned for more updates early in the New Year. Sustainability Unit | Cairns Regional Council Sophie Barrett | 0740443312 | Sarah Palmer | 07 4044 3572 | Daniel Handley | 07 4044 3394 | Dan Walton | 07 4044 3253 |

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