CAÏNA + OMMADON + SKELETON GONG + VOE - Friday 15th May @ the 13th Note, Glasgow

 15 May
 Glasgow, United Kingdom
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ALL ABOUT the RIFFS Presents... Caïna Cinematic black noise. Formed in 2004 by multi-instrumentalist Andrew Curtis-Brignell, Caïna have played a huge part in paving the way for British black metal taking an experimental approach, eschewing the rigidity of black metal's second wave but preserving its ferocity. Their 6th full length, Setter of Unseen Snares, was released this year on Broken Limbs Recordings. Caïna bring their unique, beautiful, and horrifying mix of raw black metal and post-black metal to Glasgow before performing at Temples Festival. Not to be missed. Ommadon Raw, heavy drone-doom. Following the monumental heaviness of V, Ommadon return with their new release, Empathy for the Wicked, on Golden Mantra Records. Last live show until 2016. Skeleton Gong Heavy sludge-doom with clean psychedelic intervals. Skeleton Gong is a bong gonging, cyder abusing, wychfinding four-piece based in Glasgow with a love of 70's rock. Voe Ambient post-metal doom. Voe bring the atmospheric sludge after last year's release of their brooding and intense first EP, Rvst, on Dry Cough Records. 8pm doors, 8:30 First band, Friday 15th May @ the 13th Note, Glasgow. £6. Friday 15th May @ the 13th Note, King St, Glasgow. £6. 20:00 doors, 20:30 First band, 23:45 curfew 23:00-23:40 CAÏNA 22:05-22:45 OMMADON 21:10-21:50 SKELETON GONG 20:30-21:00 VOE

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