27 May
 Sands Films
 82 St Marychurch Street - SE16 4HZ - London - United Kingdom
 TunedIn London
Singer la LEO POWER and guitarist Pablo Dominguez return for another stunning Flamenco performance. Excitingly, they'll be joined this time by dancer Natalia Garcia-Huidobro whose international career has taken her from her native Chile to Mexico and then all over the world. They’ll immerse us in the folklore, sights & sounds of Cádiz, for so long the gateway to the Americas. Their music features alegrías, tanguillos, bulerías and chuflas. In this Mediterranean port, so inextricably linked to its trading history, flamenco meshed itself with the rhythms of Latin guajiras, colombianas, milongas and rumbas that arrived back with the passengers of the returning ships. From this emerged ‘Los Cantes de Ida y Vuelta’, 'Songs of Departure and Return'. La Leo is based in her native Cádiz. Pablo, son of famed pianist Chano Dominguez, was born in Cádiz and now lives in London. Natalia is based in Madrid, from where she has worked on numerous flamenco projects around Europe and beyond. All three performers have lived and breathed performance from their earliest years: Natalia is from a theatrical Chilean family and Pablo and Leo have grown up with flamenco as the rhythm of their daily lives. This is an exciting opportunity to experience the real flamenco, flamenco at its very best, in the beautiful setting of Sands Films. In this unique venue teas & coffees will be served. Come early/stay late for stronger beverages in the lovely local pubs!

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