BXIV/Napier Kilbarchan Show

 05 June
 Kilbarchan, United Kingdom
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 Emily McQuater
Britannia XIV is preforming in Kilbarchan during Fri 5th to Sat 6th of June. This would be a one day show but we can arrive the Friday before hand to set up and camp for the night with fire, food and mead. At the show we'll be able to put on a small living history event, do our own combat in a time slot in the main arena and run have a go archery. Because it is not a traditional show for us we will get to have a bit more fun getting involved in the other activities going on at the event. We're even entering a team in the tug of war competition. Woohoo for authentic shoes. Because Kilbarchan is just 60 miles away (near Glasgow), getting over there should be very cheap, quick and easy. I understand there's been little in the way of stuff happening with the Medieval Society, and that no one has any kit, but anyone wanting to go just needs to contact me and I can source them everything they need. It'll also be a chance to meet up with lovely folks from the Heriot Watt and Shetland cells. So who is up for it?

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