16 May
 United Kingdom
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 Emma Louise Fahy
This event is to help with the many cats I am preparing who have been rescued either from the cruel streets of Cairo or from pet shops where they have been dumped by their owners when they are no longer wanted. All are being prepared to travel to either the UK or USA. They need vaccinations, neutering, blood testing (UK only), boarding (UK only) and transport costs. I will post pictures of the cats you are helping so you can keep up to date with their progress. All items I post are brand new. Postage costs are listed separately. To purchase an item, please comment underneath the picture. All payments are to be sent to me via PayPal which is, using the 'friends and family' option to avoid paying fees. Please state which item your payment is for. All items are sent first class by me and I will comment once your item is on its way. Please have a look through the items and help me to help these animals reach their new homes. Thank you!

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