06 June
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 Tentacle Productions
Come celebrate the release of International Bitterness Unit's EP "Push B for Basement" with heavy noise and tasty spirits at The Underpass! Also, putting on their party hats, birthday suits, and sh*t kickers will be Bullet Machine and One Fingered Fist!! Free show, bands at 9pm!! FREE GATED PARKING AT THE VENUE LOCATED AT EXPOSITION AND HWY 30! Bullet Machine You know what moxie is, kid? Moxie is when your best friend is torn apart by creatures from the deep, and you just let him go and steer your boat right into the fight. Moxie is when space vampires blow through town, leaving everyone you love dead, and you strap on bandolier, fill it with stakes, and hit the road for a little old fashioned vengeance. Bullet Machine - full of moxie, and ready to roll. Influences: The Riverdales, The Queers, The Ramones, Teenage Bottlerocket, Fighting martian turtle monsters, reanimating corpses, controlling foreign governments with enslaved human puppets, you know, the usual. International Bitterness Unit "PUSH B FOR BASEMENT" EP RELEASE SHOW!! IBU is a Rock/Post-Punk/Noise/StrayDogs rock and roll band from Dallas, TX specializing in locally conceived craft brewed ear bangers. One Fingered Fist Sounds Like: *Black Flag*, Snot, NoMeansNo, The Bronx, Beastie Boys Bio: Fun-loving party punk rock. We fit into no pigeonhole. We show up at gigs looking like we just woke up but end up hauling ass and throwing as many off-color jokes into the mix as possible. Shame? We have none! We pair well with beer, liquor, anything you can smoke, short shorts, denim and fun.

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