Bruin Gammas Present: EMPIRE

 28 May
 Ohm Nightclub
 6801 Hollywood Blvd Suite 433 - 90028 - Los Angeles - United States
 Beto Rocha-Ortiz
If there’s one thing that we can all agree on at this point, it’s that its been a pretty long year for all of us. Whether you’re the Freshman who’s about to finish their first year, or the Senior that’s debating graduating or obtaining Super Senior status, you’ve probably accomplished a few things that you’ve been meaning to celebrate; and we’re not talking about a celebration as in a small dinner out with close friends, we’re talking about a CELEBRATION. We’re talking about a no-holds barred, undeniably great time out with a gang of people with good vibes. We’re not just talking about going out with your close friends, we’re talking about meeting a couple of new ones along the way. We’re talking about a night you’ll probably still be talking about a few weeks after it happens. We’re talking about clearing your schedule for the 29th because you know what the 28th is going to be like. We’re talking about a $12 club ticket and a $5 bus ticket if you’re trying to get a ride to and from the club. We’re talking about EMPIRE, and we’re talking about a Thursday night that’ll make every other Thursday night this quarter feel like a Monday morning during tenth week. So join your Bruin Gammas on Thursday, May 28th as we head out to Ohm Nightclub for a night of CELEBRATIONS and GOOD VIBRATIONS. Bring your club attire, bring your friends, bring your dates, and bring the tickets you bought from your favorite Bruin Gamma if you’re down to make the most of what could possibly be your last Spring Quarter here at UCLA (Looking at you Seniors). But we know that you don’t need much convincing, because remember everybody: AIN’T NO CLUB PARTY LIKE A GAMMA CLUB PARTY!!! #BruinGammas #EMPIRE #ContinueToClimb

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