Brown and Down "Post" Session Blow-off

 15 May
 Lake Chad Cafe
 1712 S Jackson St, - 98144 - Seattle - United States
 Heather Villanueva
***This is the public version of the event page, please share as appropriate *** For you legislative minded folks, we're not really in "Post" session since we're getting all special, but that doesn't mean we don't need to blow off some steam. For all you non leg. minded folks: who cares about all that! Let's kick it like we mean it! Feel free to invite other fun, down, people of color. Also, this gathering is open to our white friends: "White and Uptight" (Self-named!), so feel free to invite significant others, friends, and fam, and awesome colleagues that we would have fun with. About Brown and Down: A group of us started doing this in 2009 during leg session and we’ve been getting together, since. We are a group of progressive people of color activists, legislative staff, lobbyists, legislators, and generally fun people. Our mission: Kick it like you mean it!

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