22 May
 The Stags Head Hoxton
  - N1 5 - London - United Kingdom
 Broken Light
Slim Customers (Black Totem Records) We are pleased an honoured to host another performance by this amazing band at Broken Light. We could not resist their stark and beautiful psychedelic music, with hypnotic bass grooves and motorik beats, all chanted over by a shamanic high priest smashing shards of noise across the soundscape. Destructive, danceable, dark. They are a three piece band based in London. Slim Customers are in the business of making distorted, blues-y, stripped back rock‘n’roll. The band uses four primary elements; drums, bass, guitar and vocals, and each are arranged to provide maximum effect. Take ‘Slow,’ for example, which starts with a gentle, gnarly guitar riff and accompanying clangy cymbals, and drops down into a drum crashing, garage rock thing, all the while interspersed with shaking, howling vocals and a liquid, addictive bass. Listen: Train Song - Dead Coast (Lolipop Records) Unearthing the delights of surf rock and rolling it up in a laid-back, blues- ridden psych beat, Dead Coast are something of a British counterpart to smooth San Fran rockers Allah-Las. Their EP ‘Seven Deadly Children’ is a four- track nostalgia trip, and they've been building on its success since the summer. (Matthew Fogg, NME Magazine) Their music would work perfectly as a soundtrack to a Quentin Tarantino film, with a laid-back quality that cruised from one song to the next, in a locomotion that emulated the movement of waves. They would be well worth checking out if you’re a fan at all of your quintessential surf rock bands of the 60s or similar new age acts such as The Growlers. ( The band’s music is so captivating especially the melody in each track. This is a band you must check out if you like retro psychedelic garage rock. (The Musical Junkie) The sound is reminiscent to the swinging ’60s, with easy comparisons to a heavier and more hallucinogenic version of The Beatles in their early days (Bring the Noise UK) Listen: Mystic Rider - Debbie Leggo (Fire Records) We are so excited to host the return of Debbie Leggo - a band not to be missed, impossible to forget... Debbie Leggo is a blast of stormy, narcotic energy. There are tiny flashes of humour and tenderness, too, from vocalist Gerry Mitchell - a poet, but he is anything but mannered. His voice is not loud, but the bass register it occupies seems to permeate the bones before it hits the ears or the mind. He does more speaking than singing: sometimes Mark E Smith-outraged, sometimes Aidan Moffat-dour, he shouts and mutters, drawing Glaswegian vowels out like saltwater taffy. The music is woozy, ambient washes of ghostly sound over crashing percussion, thrumming feedback and a guitar that sounds as though it's hooked up to the mother of all pedal boards. Sam Mac on bass is virtuosic - fleet-fingered and frenetic. Sometimes Mitchell is a ghostly presence in the background, but at others he is an intoxicated preacher, spitting ragged sentences into a void of swirling, droning doom. "Joyless mechanical universe! Robot automated fuck!" he snaps. "Inevitable suicide!" "It is like being washed up on a ravaged, newly unfamiliar shore after the apocalypse — as though you are looking at both the end of the world, and its beginning." (The Quietus) "Gorgeously disturbed, truly inspired third eye voyage" (The Sunday Experience) "A disorientating sonic trip" (New Noise) "a seemingly interesting array of influences. There’s the drone rock of bands like Spacemen 3 and Loop, a little free jazz of Ornette Coleman and John Coltrane and the haunting atmospherics of Slint." (Pennyblack Music) Listen: _________________________________________________ +++++ DJ sets from King Lemon DJ (Slim Customers) and Dead Cost until late o'clock

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