Bring Izzy to the Philippines!

 06 June
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 Isabel Pasion
(BEAR WITH ME FOR THIS LONG POST, I PROMISE IT'LL BE WORTH THE READ!) As some of you may know, I have always been passionate about giving service to others. I’ve volunteered through many organizations, being in service to the elderly, served the less-fortunate, assisted people with developmental disabilities, and have worked with young teens and children. Service has taught me a great deal of what it truly means of giving oneself to others and being aware of how much an act of kindness can do and mean for someone. It has taught me to be self-less, to be compassionate, and to give love through action. Service has been a big part of my life and is what I absolutely love doing. Through service, it has shaped my well-being and has helped me become the person who I am today. I have been given the opportunity to join this program called Volunteers Around the World (VAW), a non-governmental organization that is devoted to improving the lives of people suffering from high levels of poverty around the world. This year, for 2 weeks, we will be going to Luzon, Philippines where we will be providing care for those individuals that cannot afford the luxury of basic hospital care, as well as educating the community about the ways they could improve their health and ways of living. I’ve always done volunteer work locally and although I’ve dreamt about giving service to those in need in third-world countries, it never occurred to me that it would actually happen because of the expenses and the efforts it would take. But this past year, I realized what I am truly capable of and am more ready than ever to embark on this journey that will not only contribute to create better health conditions for these poverty affected communities, but will also help me understand their lives in a whole new perspective. By volunteering in this medical outreach program, I hope to obtain more understanding of the health and mental hardships these communities go through and to help further my education and motivation in my service for aiding others. I’ve always strived to try new things and to take opportunities of helping others when presented. I am looking forward to experience first hand on how I can be in service to a developing country and to create awareness and inspire for a positive change in the world. I seriously cannot contain my excitement as I take my love for service up a notch to experience a trip of a lifetime, especially to give service in the country where my family is from. However to make this experience a reality, I am in desperate need of your help and support! Unfortunately, this trip requires a lot of money that I REALLY cannot provide on my own. SO if you could please help me with my travels, it would be very much appreciated and I will forever grateful. There's a link at the bottom of this post if you are able to contribute. Anything can help ($1, $10, $50...) Whatever is worth for helping the less-fortunate out there! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT!! Peace and Blessings :) Isabel Pasion Here’s a breakdown of how much trip will be The program in total is $1,700, this includes: -Food and lodging -In country transportation -Transportation to and from the airport -Orientation -Daily project support and contact -24-hour support and staff. An additional $1000 in travel expenses <3

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