BRIEFCASEFEST 2015 Day Two w/ Akitsa, Sortilegia, Demontage, Völur, Occult Burial, Basalte, Death Kneel, Ilmestys, Jugurtha

 06 June
 Hard Luck Bar
 772a Dundas Street West - - Toronto - Canada
 Dax Deneau
Once again inspired by the last several incredible years of heavy music in the GTA, we bring together some of the best talent from the surrounding area and let them do what they do best. No pretensions, no limits, no respite. AKITSA (Montreal, Hospital Productions) *raw Québécois black metal, rare appearance* SORTILEGIA (Toronto, Van/Vault of Dried Bones) *ritual black metal, new LP* DEMONTAGE (Toronto) *occult black/thrash, one Fenriz can't be wrong* VÖLUR (Toronto) *trance doom for pagan folk* OCCULT BURIAL (Ottawa) *black/thrash barrage, triumphant return to the fest* BASALTE (Montreal) *atmospheric black, Montreal's best kept secret* DEATH KNEEL (Toronto) *disquieting noise/experimental from the Abyss/Purity Control camp* ILMESTYS (Toronto) *blackviolence from Column of Heaven/Slaughter Strike/The Endless Blockade and Spearhead/Total Trash/Chlorine members* JUGURTHA (Toronto) *atmospheric death from those that brought you Gates, Demonic Possessor, Heartless Manipulator and The Sustained Low 'C', first show* $13 advance, $15 at the door $25 for both days 19+ Weekend poster by Mike Crossley @ This is a Briefcasefest! Join our group for infrequent and non-invasive updates! DAY ONE:

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