Bridget Woods Kramer: Unlock Your Creative Potential

 06 June
 Whittle Le Woods Village Hall
  - PR6 7 - Chorley - United Kingdom
 Feel Now Yoga
FIERCE GRACE Shakti the Divine Feminine force, that manifests as your creative energy of transformation is within all of us, male or female. Reaching out to goddess energy helps us shed past patterns, mindsets that hold us back, or block our creativity or ability to move on. Fierce and glowing like the full moon in the night sky, Kali the fierce Goddess cuts through all that gets in the way. This soulful namaskar series of up lifting yoga postures and arm balances will reconnect you to your fierce inner warrior! A HEALTHY PSOAS Creating balance in the pelvis, the centre of our creativity. The psoas muscle works with the buttock muscles to stabilize the pelvis. Its tightness or weakness effects how we stand physically and emotionally. Explore the Psoas. Find out how to test it if the psoas is tight or imbalanced and what steps to take to relieve pain and bring you back to balance.

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