Break The Wall in Osaka [June 6 & 7] Bar Ado, Twin Capital, Street Kids

 06 June
 Kadoma & Neyagawa in Osaka
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 Yusuke Hama
Two-day music event in Neyagawa & Kadoma, Osaka hosted by Kerockwell of Break The Wall. ■June 6 (Saturday) Venue: Bar ADO in Neyagawa, Osaka Address: 18-16 Nishiki-cho, Neyagawa-shi, 572-0043 Phone: 072-828-8032 Time: 7:00 pm Cover charge: ¥1500 (Includes 1 drink) -Live performers- TECHNIC RUNNER (from Outer Space) ワダメタル (Wada Metal) GEBO & DJ NAO-K DJs SAKIPPE (Tokimeki Gal) ARIMOTO (Montage) ■June 7 (Sunday) [Hosted by Bar Ado & Twin Capital] Venue: Street Kids in Kadoma, Osaka Address:2-2-4 Shinomiya, Kadoma-shi, Osaka, 571-0017 Phone: 072-881-9074 Time: 3:00 pm Cover charge: ¥1500 (Includes 1 drink) -Live performers- ZAZO (Tokyo) HAMACIDE (Tokyo) GEBO BLPRS (Kyoto) DJs SAKIPPE (Tokimeki Gal) シマダタカシ (Shimada Takashi) (Tone Deaf/The Miscasts) Food provided by Bar ADO ※Two day pass for only ¥2000! Just tell them you are going the next day way when you pay for the 1st night at Bar ADO.

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