Brand me Baby one more time, Series 2013 - 2015 PUNK IS DADA *ONE NIGHT ONLY *FREE LIFE LONG MERCHANDISE FOR FIRST 50 SKINS

 23 May
 Ains Ah Köpenickerstrasse 4, Kreuzberg, Berlin
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 Penny Rafferty
Brand me Baby one more time, Series 2013 - 2015 This is an exercise in artistic branding - self referential aesthetics play a strong role, the work is not an object, it originates from process and behavior rather then product it is a qualitative action. This is not the first aesthetical role play, PUNK IS DADA endured and it won’t be the last, there will only be the aesthetics in the future, the “genre” will be faded out with its limits and rules. No scenes, no genres only aesthetics. Aesthetics doesn’t prioritize a medium in art its all inclusive Often subcultures die of exposure, in the early stages of their development; info junkies suck the life out of the unlived idea. The mass media also stunts the growth of alternative culture through mass coverage, leaving some impotent through overexposure and others limp through underexposure. Love Thy Label as Thyself

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