12 June
 Casa De Earnhardt
  - - -
 Luke Williams
Friday, June 12, 2015 6pm - $5 Born Hollow (NC - Greensboro's Wild Child. You know the deal. Schmang It Bruh!) Accident Prone (VA - Chaotic Mathy Hardcore - RIYL Dillinger Escape Plan, the Beach) Dying Whale (GA - Post Hardcore Weirdos. RIYL Ghost Stories, Smelly Guys, Long Hair) Machinist! (GA - Eulogy Recordings. Fast & Nasty Hardcore. RIYL Good Dudes, The Mosh, Beards.) Atrocities (ND - Midwest Spirit Filled Hardcore. RIYL Comeback Kid, Betrayed, Stage Dives.) MiniGuns (NC - New Band Feat Members of Bare The Traveler, My Hero Is Me, Born Hollow, Hot Basic. RIYL Boners) This is gonna be a wild one. Come out & party with us! Need the address? Ask a Juggalo. Or just show up at 930 Glenwood Ave, Greensboro NC.

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