*[BOOKSHOP x housmans]* // **work no. 24: what we talk about, when we talk about going to art school ** //

 27 May
 Central Saint Martins
 1 Granary Square - N1C 4AA - London - United Kingdom
 Adeeb Ashfaq
work no 24. by adeeb ashfaq, oscillates somewhere between a durational performance and live sculpture. the work seeks to act both as a social and institutional critique of ‘what is an art school?’ presented then in the form of bookshop, the work aims to explore different economies surrounding the trade and exchange of ideas; how art education is commoditised; but perhaps how conversation [trade/exchange] is also a vital component in the flow and disruption of how culture manifests. throughout the course of the piece, the artist invites you to series of readings and short seminars. the work will be presented as part of the degree show one: central saint martins, ba fine art show. ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** list of invited speakers: * anthony davies: writer, lecturer + organiser. davies has written extensively on myriad of topics which include self-organisation and also art + economy. he has also taught at the copenhagen free university, a project intiated by artists henriette heise and jakob jakobssen. his writings have been widely published including whitechapel art gallery series: documents on art, texte zur kunst and art monthly. * nils norman: artist + lecturer at school of walls and spaces at royal danish academy. norman's artistic practice works across the realm of urban planning, public art and architecture. informed by alternative economic models and environmental concerns, his previous projects include the 'edible park' for the hague, netherlands, as well as small playgrounds and pedestrian bridges for the city of rothsklide, denmark. norman has exhibited at internationally including the 50th venice biennale, and has produced works for commissions for the tate modern [london, uk] and the centre d'art contemporain [geneva, switzerland]. norman will introduce discussions surrounding the 'school of the city' and 'the art school and utopia'. * rosalie schweiker: artist. schweiker's artistic practice uses social exchange [conversations + economic transactions] to investigate new functions for art in society. her work takes an inherent playful and humorous approach to art often looking at the unwritten rules of which social systems operate within. her recent work includes ongoing series, 'sleep with a curator', an on going public sleepover series with a curator; 'sex shop', a distribution network for social products; and, 'why do it at the tate if you can do it in your living room?', a regular get together in which schweiker celebrates d.i.y. exchange, conversation and critique over food. one of schweiker's most recent commissions includes sleep over with a curator; an ongoing series of public sleepovers with a curator (funded by the showroom, london and kunsthalle zurich). schweiker will introduce discussions surrounding 'play as form of protest', and how anti-education can form a successful means of education. * mostafa rajaai: former ual student and occupy ual activist. graduating from london college of communication in 2013, and is the currently serving as part of ual's student union, culture and diversity officer. * howard slater: writer, poet + researcher. slater has written diversely on topics from jazz music, counter-culture and also on situationism. his writings have been published widely via variety of independent publishing initiatives including mute magazine, resonance magazine, and datacide. slater is also an editior of break/flow. slater will be presenting a seminar on de-skilling and play as a method of education. ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** timetable of speakers [tbc] ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

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