Book launch: Frame Innovation, by Kees Dorst

 26 May
 Aalto Media Factory
 Hämeentie 135 A - 00560 - Helsinki - Finland
 Paulo Dziobczenski
Kees Dorst will give an open lecture to launch his new book "Frame Innovation". ABOUT THE BOOK When organizations apply old methods of problem-solving to new kinds of problems, they may accomplish only temporary fixes or some ineffectual tinkering around the edges. Today’s problems are a new breed—open, complex, dynamic, and networked—and require a radically different response. In this book, Kees Dorst describes a new, innovation-centered approach to problem-solving in organizations: frame creation. It applies “design thinking,” but it goes beyond the borrowed tricks and techniques that usually characterize that term. Frame creation focuses not on the generation of solutions but on the ability to create new approaches to the problem situation itself. The strategies Dorst presents are drawn from the unique, sophisticated, multilayered practices of top designers, and from insights that have emerged from fifty years of design research. Dorst describes the nine steps of the frame creation process and illustrates their application to real-world problems with a series of varied case studies. He maps innovative solutions that include rethinking a store layout so retail spaces encourage purchasing rather than stealing, applying the frame of a music festival to understand late-night problems of crime and congestion in a club district, and creative ways to attract young employees to a temporary staffing agency. Dorst provides tools and methods for implementing frame creation, offering not so much a how-to manual as a do-it-yourself handbook—a guide that will help practitioners develop their own approaches to problem-solving and creating innovation. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Kees Dorst was trained as an Industrial Design Engineer at Delft University of Technology. He has worked as a product designer for various design firms and as a researcher, he has studied the ways in which designers work. Currently, he is Professor of Design Innovation at the University of Technology, Sydney. He also holds a professorship in 'Entrepreneurial Design of Intelligent Systems' at Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands. He is founder and director of the UTS Design Innovation Research Centre and the NSW Designing Out Crime center. He lectures at universities and design schools throughout the world. He has published numerous articles and books – most recently the books ‘Understanding Design – 175 reflections on being a designer’ (2006) ‘Design Expertise’ (2009) with Bryan Lawson and just recently, 'Frame Innovation - create new thinking by design' for MIT Press.

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